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  • SugarCRM Mobile Demo Video

    SugarCRM Mobile

    One of the best features of SugarCRM is it’s mobile App. It works for iOS and Android devices and is available for download in the Appstore or Google Play.The app is extremely fast, easy to use and very configurable. SugarCRM are releasing regular updates to introduce new functionality. 

  • Event Management with SugarCRM

    Event Management with SugarCRM

     A question that comes up quite regularly is How does SugarCRM assist with Event Management?  A great advantage with SugarCRM is that it provides you with choice.There are two choices for Event Management with SugarCRM:SugarCRM is highly configurable so it’s possible to create a couple of modules that allows for basic event management quite quickly. […]

  • Awesome SugarCRM Keyboard Shortcuts

    In today’s world we want to have our information fast, and for that we tend to look for shortcuts. Most of us have shortcuts on our desktops, on our phones and even within our browser windows.  So why not have some cool SugarCRM keyboard shortcuts?Like haven’t you ever wished for quicker ways of doing some of […]

  • Improved SugarCRM Global search support in Sugar 7.6

    SugarCRM recently announced Sugar 7.6, the latest version of its CRM software.  This version is the next step forward that shall fulfil Sugar’s Vision of making customer relationship extraordinary. Sugar 7.6 comes with flexibility and other user experience related enhancements to help automate complex business processes.For now, Sugar uses its own ‘Elastic Search’ for Global […]

  • Merging Duplicates with SugarCRM

    SugarCRM is very good at preventing the creation of duplicates in your database as well as merging them if you do happen to come across some.There are actually are times when you want to create a copy of an existing record. E.g. when you want to create a new Contact at an Account and it’s […]

  • Great review for SugarCRM from ZDNet

    The real strength of SugarCRM lies in its platform….. one of the most comprehensive and flexible CRM platforms in the market. An important review for SugarCRM as a business and a platform businesses can have confidence in. Scroll half way down the page for the detail. http://www.zdnet.com/crm-watchlist-2014-winners-upgraded-to-a-suite-part-ii-7000026387/