Solutions for Government

  • CRM for Government

    CRM enables you to take control of interactions between your clients and your business, leading to a well-managed sales cycle and increased productivity, efficiency and performance.

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  • xRM for Government

    In essence xRM is a name given to CRM software systems that are applied in ways that manage information beyond CRM basics. It allows you to specify the relationships most important to your business and refine the application to your precise needs.

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  • Email Marketing for Government

    Email marketing (or eMarketing) enables your business to send personalised marketing messages to your existing and past client base.

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  • Marketing Automation for Government

    To get the attention of your market, your content needs to reach them at exactly the right time and place. Marketing automation uses the power of software to take the grunt out of repetitive marketing tasks, so you can deliver quality content across multiple channels online.

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  • Enterprise Content Management for Government

    Take control all of your content from office documents, images, plans and video with a platform that offers your business the power of organised content and document management.

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