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Get organised, share customer data and take the guesswork out of marketing to drive sales results. Act! is the #1 best-selling Contact & Customer Manager, trusted by individuals, small businesses, and sales teams around the world, to help you do just that.

ACT! Solutions to Suit

Act! Pro

box-actpro-200Act! Pro is perfect for individuals and teams of up to 10 people. Manage all of your contacts and calendar, create a total view of all interactions with a customer automatically, and benefit from a consolidated history for your system and everyone you do business with.

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Act! Premium

box-actprem2Act! Premium is ideal for workgroups and teams of over 10 people who need more scale, security and collaboration via a centrally administered database. With the benefits of Act! Pro plus new mobile and hosting capabilities, Act! Premium is designed for companies wanting to move to the next level.

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Act! Cloud

Act! CRMFor on-demand access, look no further than Act! Cloud. Provided through a secure Cloud environment, you get all of the Premium features of Act!


What Can ACT! Help My Business With?

Centralised Contact Database

Use the Act! database to keep a central location of all of your valuable customer and contact information. Act! software enables you to easily reduce reliance on spreadsheets and Outlook and have one place for all contacts regardless of who they are including customers, suppliers and enquirers.

Record Histories

Act! allows you easily record your file notes against customer and contact records. Act! software automatically records date, time and who recorded the file note. This means when you look at a customer's history you can see all of the file notes you or anyone in your business has recorded with the most recent information at the top.

Find Information

Find individuals at the click of a button so you can see all of the information on your screen almost instantly. Search by first name, last name, company name, state, suburb, postcode, territory, phone number, email address or absolutely any other piece of information that you have collected on any one of your contacts. Use search functions within Act! to create a list of people that you can use for targeted marketing such as the clients that have not been in contact in the last 6 months.

Schedule Follow-ups

Act! CRM allows you to set reminders for now and the future for yourself and your staff, facilitating customer contact on a regular basis. This ability to schedule follow ups is one of the most powerful features of Act! helping you generate more revenue from existing customers, increase customer retention and create more referral opportunities.

Integrate with Outlook

Act! software has the ability to save every email for every client. Regardless of who in the team has sent the email, you have the power of the seeing every important piece of information on the contact record.

Manage Opportunities

Record your sales pipeline and track which sales opportunities are won, lost and still open. Using Act! scheduled follow ups, you and your sales team will never forget to follow up, enabling you to nurture opportunities over time.

Build Groups

Create groups within Act! and reduce the need for multiple spreadsheets and lists. You can group by product interest, geography, market segment or your Christmas card list.

Share Calendars

Schedule meetings and calls for yourself and others. Your team can set and see the meetings and calls for a particular contact. Once the meeting has taken place the history is automatically recorded.

Run Reports

Gain insight and understanding of what is going on in your business. Act! has over 30 pre-built reports plus the ability to customise or create your own. Some of the most popular reports allow you as the business owner/manager to see the activity of your staff. This includes who they have spoken to and what they have spoken about in the last week. Even opportunities your team has in their pipeline can be reported.

Access from Smart Phones and Tablets

Regardless of whether you use Andriod or Apple devices, Act! allows you to check your diary, schedule a follow-up, update a sales opportunity, record notes from an important meeting as a history and more.

Email Marketing

Communicate with your clients and prospects via an email broadcast for fast results at a low cost. Act! e-marketing enables you to send full colour email to 100's or 1000's of contacts with ease and accuracy. Gain insight by accessing reports on the success of your campaign.

Accounting Integration

Using a third party app, it is possible to get Act! to communicate with popular accounting packages like MYOB, Quickbooks and Xero. From within Act! see a sales history of all orders and invoices without needing to log into your accounting package. See the account status from within Act! to ensure payments are followed up and the sales team is aware of every account status.

Why invest in Act!

Choosing Act! as the CRM for your business means more revenue and cost savings, ensuring the cost of implementation pays for itself several times over, in a very short period of time.

  • 41

    Increase in revenue per sales person

  • 23

    Decrease in sales & marketing costs

  • 27

    Increase in customer retention

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