Marketing Automation

Today it is more important than ever to nurture leads by implementing authentic, regular communications across numerous channels. To get the attention of your market, your content needs to reach them at exactly the right time and place. Marketing automation uses the power of software to take the grunt out of repetitive marketing tasks, so you can deliver quality content across multiple channels online.

Evolution Marketing can assist with marketing automation software that can help you with:

  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Database Segmentation
  • Drip Email Campaign Builder
  • Sales Alerts
  • CRM Integration

Most organisations are aware that email marketing can generate strong returns. Your organisation may already have in place various email systems that can send a broadcast email as part of a marketing campaign. Marketing automation is the natural next step in the evolution of your existing email marketing strategy, incorporating email of course, but also communication such as social media, your website and even sales calls.

Think about your needs

Ask yourself whether you business could benefit from marketing automation.

  • Do you want a system that nurtures a lead from first interest through to sale?

  • Are you wanting to easily segment your database and score leads according to their stage in the buying cycle?

  • Do you need assistance with identifying the hottest leads so your sales team can engage with only the hottest leads at a time that they are ready to buy?

  • Do you expect more from your CRM or email marketing systems?

  • Are you looking for an automated platform to ensure the sales team systematically follows up leads in order to close more sales?

Need More Help?

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