XRM – Beyond CRM

xRM is an approach to creating a integrated system connecting all facets of a particular business.

In essence xRM is a name given to CRM software systems that are applied in ways that manage information beyond CRM basics, however there are two technical definitions of xRM. Whereas CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, the “x” in xRM stands for ‘extended’ under the first definition.  Secondly, xRM could be considered “anything” as in the “x” variable that represents almost any relationship the business wishes to manage.

xRM allows you to specify the relationships most important to your business and refine the application to your precise needs. Besides using a CRM for managing Contacts, Companies, File notes and histories, communications, follow up activities, sales opportunities, marketing campaigns, customer support cases etc, an xRM approach allows a CRM to be used for relationship between just about any type of information in the organization.

In many cases xRM is far more economical because to take a CRM platform and extends it to be able to manage additional types of information rather than build something new from scratch.  The advantage of using an established CRM platform as the basis for an xRM project is that it contains much of the existing functionality that might benefit organisations. Features such as the ability to manage security of records, mobile access, integration with email systems are just some that can be applied using the xRM approach.

An xRM keeps pace with technology. Choosing an established, extendable CRM software package as a platform for an xRM project is that it will be supported by the vendor or the CRM software developer. This in effect future proofs the xRM system because technology evolves, the underlying CRM system will be updated. In contrast, many custom built systems become outdated as technology evolves. One example of this is a custom system that isn’t accessible from mobile devices or over the ‘cloud’.

Whilst a CRM is perfect for the majority of sales oriented organisations, for some, including not-for-profit and government, xRM allows for a much higher level of customisation.  To find out if xRM can support the way your business works, contact Evolution Marketing.

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SugarCRM is the ideal platform for complex xRM projects, recommended for it’s open technology, easy of use, flexibility, ability to be hosted locally and it’s high degree of native functionality.

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