• SugarCRM 7 End User Training Videos

    SugarCRM provide some great videos for getting new users started with using Sugar 7.We have collected them together here for your convenience.You can either click one of the links below to jump to a specific video, or scroll down to watch them in order.Sugar 7 BasicsLogging in and LanguagesNavigationHomepageSystem LinksImporting DataImporting Data Into Sugar OverviewUsing […]

  • record_limit_banner

    Working with the SugarCRM 1000 record limit

    Sugar allows non-admin users to be restricted to how many queries they can run per action. By default the limit for all modules is set to 1000 queries. This prevents user-initiated processes from taking up too many system resources. If for example, an operation is performed by a user that attempts too many queries in […]

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    Keep SugarCRM and PHP up to date to protect against security vulnerabilities

    Internet connected services exist in a constantly evolving environment. Changes are always being made, vulnerabilities are discovered and constantly corrected.This is not an indefinite life-cycle though, as it is not practical to maintain ageing software, especially when newer versions are available.SugarCRM for example have planned End-of-Life Dates set for the 3 most current versions of […]

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    SugarCRM and

    Keeping data in the cloud is happening more and more as it allows staff to access the information they need, when they need it, from the devices they are using.With this in mind, the RT SugarBox add-on for SugarCRM lets you keep office documents, contracts, images and more in your account. This makes it easy for staff to […]

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    Save on SugarCRM with Multi-year Contracts

    For organisations committed to SugarCRM there are a benefits in entering into a multi-year contract.The default arrangement with Sugar, and the one most clients have in place is year-to-year contract. This is where you pay in advance for a 12 month subscription and renew each year.However, it is possible to have a multi-year contract with […]

  • Sugar7.7.1 Banner

    What’s new in Sugar 7.7

    There have been quite a few new enhancements with this latest release.Here is a summary below.Tagging – The new tagging system will allow you to not only create custom tags for reporting but to organise them any way that you want. It will also give your users the ability to add context to records in a […]

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    SugarCon Report

    Two flights and 17 hours is a long way to go for a 3 day conference, but going to SugarCon in San Francisco to connect with other business leaders using SugarCRM and leaders in the industry is a great way to get insight into where SugarCRM and business technolgy trends are headed.Being from Brisbane I […]

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    New Customer Journey Plugin

    The screenshot below shows the new customer journey plugin announced by Sugar at SugarCon in June.This new plugin will allow you to define the steps that your customers pass through on their journey from interested prospect to satisfied customer advocate. Implementing an add-on like this will give you the opportunity to consider how clients do […]

  • SugarCRM Mobile v4 – Video Review

    Short preview 1:47  This week we’ve seen the release of a new version of the SugarCRM Mobile app. The official date of release was August 15th and this is the 6th update we’ve seen from SugarCRM Mobile in 2016.If you haven’t seen it yet, the SugarCRM Mobile app is one of SugarCRM’s best overall features. It’s […]