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    Act! for Web has Arrived

    While Act! for Web first appeared in 2003, it’s been a poor second cousin to the desktop version because it didn’t have the same feature set.That’s changing and changing rapidly. The latest iteration of Act! for Web, version 18.2 has brought with it a bunch of new features that bring it closer to full parity […]

  • SugarCRM Mobile v4 – Video Review

    Short preview 1:47  This week we’ve seen the release of a new version of the SugarCRM Mobile app. The official date of release was August 15th and this is the 6th update we’ve seen from SugarCRM Mobile in 2016.If you haven’t seen it yet, the SugarCRM Mobile app is one of SugarCRM’s best overall features. It’s […]

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    Act! Mobile Messenger

    Many people use their phones and mobile devices as one of their major business tools.Sending and receiving email, managing calendars, taking phone calls and sending sms messages.In fact it stands to reason that SMS is one of the best ways to reach someone, so being able to interact with your clients via sms can be […]

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    Summation With Details Reports

    What is a Summation with Details Report? Think of it as a more complex version of the Rows and Columns Report.It is still able to display data from the selected fields, based on the specified criteria, but it also has computational elements to it to display more complex information, such as a count of all […]

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    Rows and Columns Reports

    What is a Rows and Columns report? As the name suggests, Rows and Columns reports are much like a spreadsheet that simply has a row for each record, with each field in its own column.These reports are quick to create, easy to modify and are often a great way to answer recurring questions that need […]

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    Working with Charts on Reports

    Why do people like charts on reports?When you are Presenting Data, you can have all your information arranged appropriately, and you can spend considerable time explaining those figures, statisics and relationships, and yet still have some that may miss your point altogether.However, Put a Pie Chart or Bar Graph at the top of the report […]

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    Using Sugar Filters

    Find exactly what you want by limiting results. The list view in SugarCRM, being a web based system, behaves a little differently to a desktop application, as such the results are displayed as requested, rather than all at once. looking at the list view of one of your modules means that you may have to […]

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    What’s New in Act! v18?

    Lets have a quick look at what you can expect when upgrading to the latest release of Act! from Swiftpage:Compatibility Updates: Staying current with Act! ensures that you are supported on the latest technology changes. There have also been significant updates to the Act! Web platform.Windows 10 is fully supported, perfect for those who have upgraded, […]

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    SugarCRM Access on Demand

    Get access to SugarCRM experts faster and save.Introducing Access on Demand.Maintaining a pre-paid credit is the fastest way to access our team of SugarCRM experts and save between 12-18%.Access on Demand is a discounted pre-paid services account that you can draw down on whenever you need it. You simply nominate the amount you want to have […]