• SugarCRM 7 End User Training Videos

    SugarCRM provide some great videos for getting new users started with using Sugar 7.We have collected them together here for your convenience.You can either click one of the links below to jump to a specific video, or scroll down to watch them in order.Sugar 7 BasicsLogging in and LanguagesNavigationHomepageSystem LinksImporting DataImporting Data Into Sugar OverviewUsing […]

  • SugarCon Banner

    SugarCon Report

    Two flights and 17 hours is a long way to go for a 3 day conference, but going to SugarCon in San Francisco to connect with other business leaders using SugarCRM and leaders in the industry is a great way to get insight into where SugarCRM and business technolgy trends are headed.Being from Brisbane I […]

  • Customer Journey Banner

    New Customer Journey Plugin

    The screenshot below shows the new customer journey plugin announced by Sugar at SugarCon in June.This new plugin will allow you to define the steps that your customers pass through on their journey from interested prospect to satisfied customer advocate. Implementing an add-on like this will give you the opportunity to consider how clients do […]

  • Act! for Web Banner

    Act! for Web has Arrived

    While Act! for Web first appeared in 2003, it’s been a poor second cousin to the desktop version because it didn’t have the same feature set.That’s changing and changing rapidly. The latest iteration of Act! for Web, version 18.2 has brought with it a bunch of new features that bring it closer to full parity […]

  • 5 Things to Consider before getting SugarCRM – Free eBook

    SugarCRM is a flexible, modern, cloud based CRM with an Excellent mobile App.If you are an Australian business that is considering SugarCRM for your organisation this eBook will highlight some things you won’t read on the SugarCRM website but you should consider.It will help you answer common and important questions such as:- Which version is right […]

  • r&c banner

    Rows and Columns Reports

    What is a Rows and Columns report? As the name suggests, Rows and Columns reports are much like a spreadsheet that simply has a row for each record, with each field in its own column.These reports are quick to create, easy to modify and are often a great way to answer recurring questions that need […]

  • SugarCRM makes CNBC Top 50 Disruptors

    SugarCRM makes the CNBC Top 50 Disruptor List

    Overnight CNBC released it’s top 50 list of companies that are revolutionising the business landscape in their industry.It was very exciting to see SugarCRM making this list alongside well known companies like Uber, Spotify, DropBox, AirBnb, SpaceX.The list is ranked in order with SugarCRM coming in at 36th.This full list is:1 Moderna Therapeutics Reprogramming cells to fight […]

  • Financing Software Projects

    Many people don’t know that it’s possible to finance business software projects. These projects can include the software and all related services. And in the case where a business is required to pay for an annual subscription in one sum, financing allows for those costs to be amortised across monthly instalments. Interest rates are low, and […]

  • How a Mountain bike ride helped Enerdrive Recharge their failed CRM

    Enerdrive Case StudyWe’ve been in this business for over a decade and over that time we’ve heard our share of customer relationship management (CRM) horror stories.If you’ve ever been involved in a CRM implementation, either as a consultant or within your company, you unfortunately may have heard these sentiments.Starting the conversationThis was how the conversation […]

  • What is CRM?

    PCMag in the UK provide a beautiful definition of Customer Relationship Management in their 2015 Business Choice Awards edition.   Sometimes, when we are considering the complexities of CRM in our own business, returning to the definition can help reset the focus within your own business.  The key message is included below:Customer interaction is a key […]