• How Google Works

    Very interesting presentation by Google CEO Eric Schmidt on How Google Works.It’s clear that times are changing and that technology-driven change is happening faster and faster. It’s interesting to read how such a successful business like Google thrives in this new era. How Google Works from Eric Schmidt

  • 5 hot content ideas for your email marketing

    Stuck for ideas for your email marketing campaign? Below we discuss some tried and tested ideas to keep the conversation going with your existing customers and your prospective customers too.Monthly email newsletter – the key to a monthly email marketing communication is its regularity and relevancy. Strive for the ideal by imagining your contacts actually […]

  • Great review for SugarCRM from ZDNet

    The real strength of SugarCRM lies in its platform….. one of the most comprehensive and flexible CRM platforms in the market. An important review for SugarCRM as a business and a platform businesses can have confidence in. Scroll half way down the page for the detail.