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Act! is the #1 selling contact and customer manager designed for small businesses and sales teams

Used by over 2.8 million individuals and 56,000 companies worldwide






























































How To Harness The Power Of The World’s #1 Contact And Customer Management Software Act! To Boost Your Sales, Profits and Customer Satisfaction

Simply fill in the form below to request your free, no-obligation online demonstration of how Act!! can benefit your business:  

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Who Will Benefit From This Free Act! Demo?

This Act! demo is an opportunity for you to explore the best way to achieve your business goals with the world's #1 customer and contact management software, Act! It will be particularly valuable if any of the following apply:

  • You know you need a better system for managing contacts, customers and data and are sick of tired of disorganised or disconnected Excel spreadsheets, Outlook contact databases or other programs that don't talk with each other...

  • You want to keep your finger on the pulse of your entire sales and marketing functions so you have more clarity, certainty and control over your business...

  • You've heard about Act! CRM software and want to explore what it can do to enhance your sales, marketing and customer service...

  • You're already using Act! and want to add functionality or integrate your other systems (e.g. accounting, email marketing, proposals etc.)...

Fill in the form to request your free ACT! demo now

What Will We Cover During The Demo?

After 10+ years as specialist Act! integrators, trainers and consultants, we know that it's not about the Act! software, but what the ACT! software can do for you.

This demonstration takes the form of a "needs analysis". We seek to clearly understanding your business goals. Then if appropriate, we'll show you how Act! can meet your goals and deliver the results you want.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Evolution Marketing For Your Act! Software, Installation and Training Needs

  1. 10+ Years' Expertise With Act! Unlike some companies who dabble in many different products, we are experts with Act!, from basic installations to advanced programming and integration.

  2. Strategic Approach. We have a very strong sales, marketing and business development focus. By analysing your needs in detail, we are able to deliver effective solutions that achieve your business goals. It's not about the software, it's about the results.

  3. Act! Excellence In Customer Service Award Winners: Evolution Marketing are the current holders of the Act! customer service award.

  4. Unique 'Champion Team' Delivery Method: we have dedicated admin staff and dedicated project coordinators, who work alongside our technical, training and consulting staff to deliver faster and better results.

  5. All Work 100% Money-Back Guaranteed. If we work together, we perform the work in agreed stages and you don't pay until you have confirmed you are satisfied with the result of each stage. If you're not happy, we either work with you until you are happy, or we refund your entire investment for that stage.

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Happy Clients

Here's a small sample of the results our clients have experienced with Act!:


ACT! forms the hub of our business It literally drives everything we do including all our contacts, our todos, all of our communications, and all of our sales opportunities..."
Edwin Trevor-Roberts - Trevor-Roberts and Associates

alyssatait-thumbnailI didn't realise how clunky my old CRM system was!  ACT! can do absolutely everything I could ask for in terms of not only client relationship management but also marketing and business success.
- Alyssa Tait, Equilibria

craigmurray"It's important for our sales staff to record what they do and say and for that information to be easily accessible by whoever needs it when the client calls or when we call them. With everyone's emails and everyone's notes and everyone's diaries all linked in together, we can see what has been happening. Our database is an extremely important system for supporting our clients and nurturing our prospects."
- Craig Murray - Nice Home Automation